I’m offering a special one-to-one “Level Up, Boss In Total Charge” coaching journey, to meet with me personally in one of the top beautiful, spiritual awakening locations in the world & receive divine support from me for a rapid, radical growth and empowering soul journey.

This is more than just a coaching service, this opportunity is for those seeking spiritual advancement and alignment. This is a program for those looking to advance their birth rights, cleanse & empower their life, and step into their leadership role of serving this world.

With my guidance, you can make more progress towards your divine goals in a soul enriching getaway and have the support you need by joining me for a beautiful extensive journey.

With no distractions, and me as your personal transformation mentor, we will develop a step-by-step legacy plan to develop your personal practice to build your purpose.

What Clients Are Saying:

“I have been fortunate to work with Latoya, and have received advice, support and intuitive guidance from her. Latoya is truly an Earth Angel. She works from her authentic self, with guidance from her team of guides and Angels. Latoya has an inner strength and compassion , which shines around her, so brightly, that you feel caught up in its brilliance. When we talk and she is coaching and supporting me, I feel a true heart link connection, I feel her joy and compassion for me, and grateful for her wisdom. Thank you Latoya for being in my life.” – Rhona Beaumont

“When I had my first session with Latoya I was at a desperate point. Lifelong issues of anxiety, personal identity and family history had left me increasingly withdrawn from the world. But even in our first phone conversation, Latoya’s empathetic understanding started me on a gradual course of recovery. I enjoy and appreciate my life so much now, and I credit her with guiding me to this place.” – David

“I had hit rock bottom about 6 months ago, when my divorce became final. I felt alone, lost and hopeless. I had forgotten who I was, what makes me happy and how to put myself first. Then I listened to your New Visions Audio, and something sparked inside me. Your soothing voice and comforting guidance gave me the inspiration I needed to seek help and emerge from the darkness. Thank you so much for putting this out into the world!” – Sandy Sullivan

This 6-month journey is all action and no padding.

During our time together, we will cover the topics you feel are crucial to the success of your life.


✨ We will get clarity about your divine path.

✨ Who your soul tribe is.

✨Where you are being called to serve and the niche you are gifted in.

From there I’ll take your lead. Tell me about the blocks holding your life back, or the obstacles you don’t know how to overcome.

“The journey is really about seeking the peace within the chaos- the truth within the trigger.” Mastin Kipp

Through working together on your transformational journey, I can help you…

  • Wrap your gifts, knowledge and expertise into easy-to-manage daily rituals for you to live by.
  • Develop your legacy and brand messaging so you can stand firm in your purpose and have confidence in your well-being.
  • Use your higher self to develop a solid plan to kick-start your radical growth in mind, body and spirit.
  • Shift your life and the layout of your life and/or business from amateur to pro by working with my team.
  • Raise your vibration by creating your Manifesting Legacy BluePrint, mapping out your heart’s content that is a true reflection of you.
  • Introduce you to the Manifesting Tribe & teach you how to  manifest your own tribe through using your intuitive skills in your local community, through social media and show you how true connection can work for you.

In just 6 months you’ll develop the clarity, plans and self-belief you need to create a highly-spirited, successful purpose that serves you and your life.


Included in your The Powerhouse Intensive™ Package

We will have an opportunity to meet in-person for a 2-day intensive for a whopping 6 hours of 1:1 time scheduled on each day(plus a delicious nourishing lunch and beautiful surroundings).

  • A detailed welcome packet and orientation information that you will complete before we begin our work so you can be prepared in mind, body and spirit to accomplish our work together. On my end, I will be well-prepared to tap into your divine space, so we don’t waste a minute on the day & we can create a clear 6-month plan for when we work together.
  • 6 hours of 1:1 time with me on each day so we can tune in and focus on YOU, your business and your life.
  • Mindfulness techniques that will awaken your creative & sacred feminine/masculine energy and teach you how to keep you grounded after we meet
  • The two days will be hosted at a glamourous hotel in a special location (or online/skype) – let our beautiful surroundings be your inspiration.
  • A delicious lunch with me so we can continue talking and nourishing your soul as we nourish our bodies.
  • A personal resource list of spiritual and wealth consciousness, so you can stay in high vibration on a daily basis.
  • An action plan to take home with you so you know exactly how you can grow your spiritual business and reach your goals.


Example of In- Person Two-Day Intensive Schedule

8:00- 8:30am – Tea and Conversation (1st Day Orientation & 2nd Day Jump In)

8:30-10am – 90-min delicious guided meditation and coaching intensive tailored to your needs & divine path

10am- 11:15am – Spa Treatment (1st day  your personal choice)

11:15am-12:45pm – 90-min coaching intensive & mindful eating lunch together

12:45pm-1:30pm – Reflection

1:30pm-3.30pm – 90-minute coaching session intensive (Wealth consciousness + Manifest Your Legacy Guide in detail)

3:30pm-4pm – 15 Min Break

4:00pm- 5pm- Energy clearing, raising your vibration and receiving clear intuitive messages on your divine mission

5:00pm-6:00pm- Developing a 6-month actionable strategy to boost your confidence, spirit and practice moving forward; while you reach new heights and enjoy more abundance in your life.


What Clients Are Saying:

“Latoya has an amazingly bubbly spirit that lifts you up. She has helped me navigate through a series of rough patches with solid recommendations and tips that I could easily add to my daily routine. She’s a fabulous listener with a healthy dose of sharp wit, too! I have worked with Latoya on a business and spiritual level and both outcomes were wonderful. I highly recommend working with Latoya for any situation in life, good or bad, she’ll help you find your clarity.” – Jessie Sanchez


It doesn’t stop there! You will also get:

  • (18) 45min 1:1 coaching sessions every other week for support during our 6 months.
  • Access to my templates, checklist, programs, and workbooks because I believe you are a TRUE VIP.
  • Ongoing transformation support in my Facebook community full of loyal heart centered warriors who are confident, spirited and free


Want more information?

Interested the Signature Mentorship program, in Just 6 months, you’ll be…

  • Liberating your deep limiting beliefs from childhood and open yourself to a new you
  • Uncovering your true essense so you can serve your soul purpose
  • Tapping into the tools, methods and ancient teachings passed down by the ancestors. I have created some ground-breaking methods based on these tactics that will result in an instant transformation.
  • You will become in love with your true self, overcome your insecurities and fears, get your glow back and become a magnet for rich positive energy.
  • Light the fire under you’re a$$ and spark a revolution into your authentic self.
  • Discover the story that has been in you all along


What You will learn?

  • How to build your legacy for the long term.
  • Provide Templates, workbooks, guides to set your business up.
  • How to find your tribe.
  • Manifest Your Legacy blueprint,  techniques, tools & teachings
  • Personal Development
  • Branding, Copy,  Website Development
  • How to Level Up in your life & business
  • Photography Headshots & Makeup Artist


Included in the 6 Month Coaching Program (Option):

Manifest Your Legacy ™  CERTIFICATION

Manifest Your Legacy, is about claiming your birth right while obtaining success and having a strong mindset. It’s about becoming the master in your life. Our journey is about seeing the power of transformation and expansion.

Who is MYL ™ Certification for?

The MYL certification program is by application only. All enrollees need to go through a 20-min discovery call process, to ensure the best fit for both the applicant and the author, Latoya Beverly.

You always have options:

Manifest A: Become an MYL ™ Certified Coach

Manifest B: Complete the program as an investment in your personal growth

However, this badass program is not for everyone! It’s for the high achiever with purpose who is ready for the ground breaking movement in their life. It is for  the “GO BIG or GO Home” Manifester. This is about positively impacting the world, through a rapidly-growing movement that is on the UPLevel.


Manifest Your Legacy, Mindset Certification Program:


The MYL certification program not only takes you through a personal journey of healing, growth and expansion, it also allows you to take all the techniques and tools I will teach and use them for your own business.


You can start your career as a coach and teacher from scratch or combine the tools in this program with your existing purpose and style of coaching or teaching.


Beyond a fierce love and passion for mindset and manifesting, I have a strong background in business and project management. In addition to guiding you in the techniques and tools you will need to become a coach, I will be there to support and guide you when it comes to your business in the most effective and professional way!

Why Trust Latoya & Why Trust YOU?


Latoya Beverly, is a Fierce and wildly-renowned Mindful, Living & Breathing Manifest Expert who has worked with all walks of life. She has taken her 16 years of wellness & management skills and experience to RISE UP for others. She has been featured on radio and blogs, and has trained with top spiritual leaders and coaches.


Latoya has had to live through her own rock bottom, dealt with her own dark night of the soul moments, suffered in silence and dealt with the pain of her “victim story” of child sexual abuse. Her inner light would not stay quiet, and has led her on a journey where she realized that she was going to be liberated over the bullsh!t and would also help others find peace through the rituals that helped her.


This sh!t is not for the weak, but I promise you that you are worth living for and loving.


Because of this journey from darkness to light and igniting the soul, Latoya is a natural teacher who can take you to deep depths into your full God-dess rising self.

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