Latoya thank you for the once, twice and so on for reaching out a helping hand to prevent me from falling into the low vibrational energy... Especially after all the Blessings I am receiving. I appreciate your patience and your ability to speak your truth!

Thank you Latoya for a wonderful day of healing! Your medicinal Reiki made my pain disappear! And the aromatherapy is making the house feel so clean and great! Bella is even calmer after you talked to her about listening! Thank you so much

Jasmine Lewis

What a true beautiful spirit you are! A divine coach and sister. My healing from you on Maui was magical! Mahalo for your blessings! Goddess bless shine bright 🙂

Shawna Bisby
Maui, Hawaii

Latoya has an amazingly bubbly spirit that lifts you up. She has helped me navigate through a series of rough patches with solid recommendations and tips that I could easily add to my daily routine. She's a fabulous listener with a healthy dose of sharp wit, too! I have worked with Latoya on a business and spiritual level and both outcomes were wonderful. I highly recommend working with Latoya for any situation in life, good or bad, she'll help you find your clarity.

Jessie Weischedel
Windsical Design

I have been fortunate to work with Latoya, and have received advice, support and intuitive guidance from her. Latoya is truly an Earth Angel. She works from her authentic self, with guidance from her team of guides and Angels. Latoya has an inner strength and compassion , which shines around her, so brightly, that you feel caught up in its brilliance. When we talk and she is coaching and supporting me, I feel a true heart link connection, I feel her joy and compassion for me, and grateful for her wisdom. Thank you Latoya for being in my life. 💛

Latoya is a whirlwind of sensations! Each as delightful as the next - she is a joy to work with. Reading her words, whether in casual emails, or within her sparkling articles always radiates with her unique energies of truth, power, sensuality, and love. These unique energies burble and spark off the words she chooses like sunlight on a happy-go-lucky stream. A stream which leads you, coaxes you, urges you back home to your Soul’s Truth. And just like a stream, she is a true natural wonder.

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