A letter to My Manifesting Lovers:

It’s time for you to level up and magnetize the greatest legacy ever.

Humanity is experiencing a great awakening; you are being called to step up, activate and open your heart to the pure essence of your soul.

We are in a 5th Dimensional state; there are places calling you home. It is time to start living and experiencing. It is time to start being who you truly are with no judgement, no bullying, no guilt or shame. Take what was in the past with you as you move forward and become ever more strongly whom you have always been. Your past is your empowerment.

Your purpose is to step into your royal power, the western & eastern feminine will heal this world. The successor of many masters is beautiful and bold. She claims her power and authentic truth within, and shines it out.

You are in the divine timing of your life to be who you are called to be. You are seeing the right signs, and your intuition is telling you to GO GET IT. Freedom, love and power run through your veins, and I am here to tell you, you don’t have to be broke any longer. Whether you’re poor financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically, it ends now. Abundance flows to you.

You are not alone, you are the goddess, you are the healer, and you are the peacemaker, the storyteller and lover walking this earth right now. You are the new generation of the sacred feminine awakening to her calling to save humanity.

You are highly intuitive; you have ideas, inner wisdom and truth flowing in you and your angels, guides & ascended master self, want you to tap into the PHENOMENA that is YOU and embrace divine living.

It’s time to get IN-TU-IT (Intuitive) in your life & business, its time you take action.

And therefore, let us marry your sacred feminine and masculine energies; let us step into philanthropy, dignity and compassion of your manifesting mind, body and spirit.

The time is now, and the calling has chosen you. Are you ready to step into your divine feminine power? You are a sacred being, your walk is changing, and the flow of your presence, the love in your heart is looking to nourish the spiritual lotus. You have sacred gifts, and you have a path to healing this world and making great change.

To Thine Own Self Be True.
High Priestess,

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