Women who take action!


“I promise you… VICTORY is yours”

Latoya Beverly


I wanted you to personally get an opportunity to meet Lucy Davis. She was one of my clients, who has been outstanding at taking action and creating meaningful change by using my mindfulness and healing techniques.

Here’s her story:

Lucy came to me about a year after she separated from her husband, Greg. Their marriage was rocky from the start and lasted for less than a year. Although she genuinely loved Greg, Lucy couldn’t stop herself from acting like a psycho around him. (I am sure we have BEEN there ladies)

Hot and cold… getting down to “bizness”one minute and then fighting a strong desire to kick him out of bed the next.

“I couldn’t understand my own actions. I’d pick fights over such stupid things” she told me.

“Everything he did made me angry. He either laughed too loud, talked too much or was too caring. I would look forward to seeing him all day, and then when he would come home from work, I would act like a total bitch. These feelings of anger turned into repulsion, and I just had to walk away.”

So what made Lucy come to me?

After a referral, she noticed that she was starting to behave the same way again with her new boyfriend Jacob (COME ON SELF-SABOTAGE). She got scared and frustrated. It was almost as if an evil force beyond her control would swoop in each time she found love and destroy it. Too bad she was the evil force.

The first thing I told Lucy was to stop judging herself. TIME OUT! On the surface, nit-picking is just plain mean. But sometimes it can be a sign that something deeper is going on.

In our first two sessions together I focused on healing Lucy’s energy flow using Reiki therapy and mindfulness techniques. In the meantime, I told her to limit her meetings with her boyfriend to no more than twice a week. This would give her the space she needed to look inward, explore her own feelings and emotional blocks. This is typically the hardest thing for most women to do. Usually, all the excuses end up coming out & trying to brush things off like “OH IT WILL GO AWAY.”

In the next few weeks, we dug deeper into Lucy’s past. Releasing some traumatic feelings allowed her to reconnect with some unresolved pain brought on by her mother abandoning her at the young age of 2.

Lucy’s parents were a hippie couple who smoked weed and lived a ‘free love’ kind of lifestyle. When her father decided it was time to get serious and pursue a real career, her mother ran off with her drug dealer.

Two years later, catastrophe struck again. Lucy’s father died in a motorcycle accident.

Thinking she could collect a childcare stipend; Lucy’s mom came back but never stayed around for long. She would dump Lucy at relatives’ homes or with babysitters for weeks at a time.

Eventually, Lucy was adopted by her aunt and uncle but the pain from the abandonment remained deep inside her, manifesting itself as unhealthy responses to love and affection.

After Lucy had finished recounting her past to me, she broke down in tears. “I’ve never told anyone about this until now.”

Over the next two months, Lucy and I embarked on an intense emotional and spiritual journey together. We peeled back all the painful layers, healed her soul and rebuilt her self-confidence. When I felt she was strong enough, I advised her to let her boyfriend come in closer & they work together to clear out some of the issues together and give the relationship a chance to flourish.

It’s 3 years later and GUESS what?

The love between Lucy and Jacob grew and they eventually got married!

“Without Latoya, I don’t know where I would be today. Probably alone, frustrated and out of control.”

There is power in love, but most important, there is power in your self-love journey. Victory is but a choice away and overcoming the fear is possible. Freedom is always yours.

If there’s any part of you that believes that this could be you and you are seeking your freedom today, let me know and we can schedule a call. Go ahead and send me an email right now at latoyabeverly@gmail.com and let me know that you are ready to make a change NOW.  Or, you can book your healing session below…




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