The 6 steps to reaching your souls bliss!


Suffering in silence is the #1 Killer around the world, people know it, but don’t say anything and if they have something to say, they say things like “suck it up” or “one day at a time.” I think that we need to stop stating the obvious and focus on the things that are not obvious, the things that take us deeper into the core. Everyone wants to run around in denial of the truth, suppress there own feelings and pain & then turn around to put that same guilt, shame, hurt and pain right back on you. The secrets that we have to hold and the lack of confidence, fear, judgment and anguish the human mind & body has to encounter. No one knows the pain nor frustration that each soul has to go through.

Yet we are all divinely connected.

Some of us can’t coast through life. We have duties and we have responsibilities we must full fill on our mystical path. This is no joke, either we rise to the occasion or let the enemy defeat us before even stepping up to glory.

We consciously examine everything in out day, minute by minute, hour by hour, we go looking for answers through sex, drugs, co-dependence, alcohol or spiritual entertainment. Seeking something that can only be found within. The walking dead is what we come across. Growing up with false perceptions and ideals. Surrounded by those who we contracted with in this life time and past, family, friends, lovers and vampires.
Running from one relationship to the next, thirsty for blood, while others get to your light first and try to suck the life out of you. But yet it is within this darkness, that we learn unconditional love, to find bliss, peace and co-create the life we see for ourselves.
Susan Skog wrote “Compassion is our world’s richest energy source.” along with mercy, forgiveness, and magnetizing strength to over come each day.
I often said, if I were to be on the dark side, what would I want to be, and I always said, I wanted to be a vampire. But now that my veins run flowing with this mystical power of love and light that radiate out of my pours, I know that I am seraphim a high priestess warrior who has come to help this planet to revive, life, flow and pulse,
Metaphysically speaking I am the channel of Gods love, peace, power & a medical intuitive, spiritual counselor/communicator between heaven and earth. Full of Gods knowledge, participation of divine wisdom “Streams of wisdom” Carry out divine justice like the thrones of God, who work with me to pass the essence of Gods spirit to me. Powers are the keepers of history, warrior angels loyal to god, they distribute power among humankind. Archangels reveal prophecies, knowledge and understands of gods will. They strengthen people in the holy faith, enlightening our minds with light of knowledge of the holy gospel and revealing mysteries. They can take human form to help change the tide of events for or on behalf of humanity. Angels are guardians of mankind, most accessible angels to humans.
It is when we begin to understand our order in the world and our part that we can partake on the vision that was set out for us. We may feel or think or be tricked into thinking that we are dying or should end out lives, or that we are alone or no one can hear us. But we ignore the beings that are with us all the time if we call upon the divine order. Seraphim is the highest order of all, it is that which we can trust is divinely ordered. It is time to rise up to be earthly angel warriors for God, so we can take back our mother earth.
Consciously aware is what needs to happen. Being socially, economically and environmentally open & susceptible to feeding humanity with love, joy, empathy skills.

To be heart activist that radiate love and light of the world, unconditional love is a choice of power, healing and truth. This is a revolution of the heart, to create, live, love and embrace all spiritual change on this mystical path we have signed up for. Epiphanies, and more spiritual awakening occurrences are going to keep going until we have reached our seraphim potential to serve God. Compassion will divinely lead us in skill, that can be learned but it requires deep strength and calls for ultimate courage.

How do we raise our conscious living behaviors and erase the barriers that held us a slave for so long. Black people say, no one will ever know what it feels like to walk in a black persons shoes, but in all reality, some peoples reality is nothing but darkness until we turn to the light.
So how do we break down the walls and open our souls to our higher purpose to love others when we can barely love ourselves. How can we step pass the old conformed ways of thinking and be open to a future that is limitless.
The 6 steps to reaching your souls bliss

  • To thine own self be true- limited beliefs really can block us from moving into a safe place and a place where true wisdom can be shared. I know an important part of seeking soul bliss is honor your deepest feelings. Honoring yourself is the biggest key to self love.
  • Give acceptance and forgiveness to yourself- we are not perfect, and that is okay, we are living on the human plane and altering between worlds to get where we are trying to go. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we much give acceptance within and forgiveness, rather than searching for outside acceptance.
  • Cleanse- cleanse your mind, body and spirit from all that no longer serve you. Rather it be food, people, environments or unhealthy habits that we have created over time. I recommend going to wholefoods, new age store or book store or a place of peace, to pick up some sage for cleansing your aura, balancing out your chakras. Crystals are also great to put on your alter, incense or even a nice teatox to cleanse within for a few days and balance it out with healthy eating.
  • Nature- nature is nurturing your soul, nature is connection to mother earth, nature is connecting with the god source, inner peace, wisdom and makes your soul sing. Take time out to spend on a weekend or take a nice walk in the evening to ground yourself. It is important to recognize that within nature, we seek peace, peace is a place of being in a meditative state.
  • Movement of the body- I love yoga and dance, I know many love the gym or just being active. Your body needs movement, to push all that junk up and out, your body needs to be at a healthy state of consciousness and release the blocks of energy from your muscles. I highly recommend chiropractors, acupuncture or getting a very nice massage. It doesn’t have to be some expensive spa day, this is about moving the energy flowing in your body.
  • Love- At the end of the day, it all comes back to loving yourself. It comes back to claiming your power, it comes back to enjoying the sacred feminine and masculine that is you. Fall back in love with yourself, through music, treating yourself to a nice dinner, move, trip or just spending time playing with those who understand you. It truly is about ebb and flow.


These are strong steps into your souls bliss…

Go ahead and send me an email right now at and tell me why you’re ready to reach your souls bliss and goals happen NOW.


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