Seeds of Change


“There is a power that will light your way to health, happiness, peace and success, if you will but turn toward the light.” Paramahansa Yogananda

It’s 2016, a new year for new beginnings, a perfect place to turn the page and write a new chapter in your life. The new year always brings something special to each person, but sometimes it brings a change that is scary as hell, because of all the unknown that comes with being in a new place. However, I believe that 2016 comes with the power of courage and strength that we need to boldly, brightly and brilliantly be the change we have been seeking.

I often wonder in my own moment of peace, the kind of change that can come after the turn of the clock, once the time flipped to 12:00AM on 1/1/16, what did it truly mean? So, as I sat down to write my intentions for the new and do my meditations, one big thing that I kept in mind was….what seeds would I now sow into my life this year, that I wanted to grow. What in 2015, was I lacking or wished I had grew more into my relationships, emotional, spiritual, financial or personal life?

My spiritual mentor, had recently asked me what my definition of abundance was, and it stomped me. Like seriously, WTF. Out of all people, the spiritual master coach was stomped over such a simple word with such a deeply profound meaning. So, I mindfully took that word and I slowly felt, tasted and saw what abundance was to me. Through all that I have learned in the good or bad, being authentically real with myself and the truth was magical, it was a new seed, that I could plant with love, nourishment and provide new light to.

I believe that before we speak, we should be more mindful of the meaning of the words that we use. I believe that we should meditate upon them and see what our gut tells us intuitively. It allows for pure growth, honoring the seeds that way want to grow into our life and move us in such a way that we are confident about the direction we are going.

Just like Yogananda spoke to the quote above, there is power, that will light our way however, will it be governed by health, happiness, peace or success? What resonates with our spirit, mind and body? What can we take time to honor in our present moment in the seeds of change.

Happy Intuitive Sunday!




Latoya Beverly

Integrative Mindfulness Healing Expert

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