Sacred Feminine Rising





So much is going on in the world and OMG I can feel the pain of Mother Earth, the feminine rising, the children as well as the pain happening in our community. It seems like the world is getting worse and not better. We have all experienced emotional suffering or grief at one time or another in our lives. It could be the caused by divorce or break-up, the death of a loved one, loss of health, or a serious financial setback.

Our grief can manifest in various ways, both emotional and physical: as shock, anger, sadness, guilt, fear, fatigue, insomnia, weight loss or gain, and even illness. We all cope with loss in different ways – some of us cry and pour our hearts out to our best friends. Some of us seek professional help, and some of us simply bury our pain deep inside and put on a stoic face, trying to move on as quickly as possible.

One thing is for sure:

Those who seek support from others cope better and recover faster than those who struggle to “go it alone”. I know this, because I thought that I could do it alone, and BOY was I wrong in my approach. We are trying so hard to take on the world and put on our superwoman capes and then the universe tells us TIME OUT!


Because sharing the burden of pain with others makes it easier to bear. Even if you do not usually share your feelings openly or easily, it is important when dealing with grief or loss to accept support when it is offered, or to seek it out if necessary.

Sometimes our support system is not supportive to the deeper rooted issues that are going on or understanding of the transit/spiritual awakening that is happening in your path. You can always seek support from family and friends – don’t avoid them, but at times, you may have to.

Seek solace from your faith, if it comforts you. Join a support group with others who have been through similar experiences and can ease your pain or loneliness. If you feel like your grief overwhelms you and does not lessen over time, or has a serious impact on your daily life, don’t hesitate to seek professional support.

I am here to tell you that you do not have to feel or be alone.

Sometimes we just simply forget to ask for help and as we grow our awareness, we need to step back & just start asking. EGO is the only thing that stops us from our best selves. But today it can stop.


The great thing about my programs and my passion to serve others is that my business is heart centered. I have mindfully developed ways to support you in your growth.

Don’t struggle to cope alone when the love and support of those around you can help you overcome the transition in your life. My grandma always used to say “This too shall pass” and she is right, with love and balance, you can get through this.

If you feel lost, or that you have no one to turn to, I invite you to book your healing session today.


We’ll have a 30-minute heart-to-heart talk and I’ll help you figure out which steps you should take next. Available in person, Skype or Phone Book your session today.
With Love and Gratitude,




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