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In order to be a true champion, we must know how to take better care of our holy temple. Just like a car needs gas, water and electricity. Our body needs to be utilized with the proper solids, liquids and nutrients that feed into our body. 2c713264c05e9798f82ae224b1efe68f

One of the things that I suffered from due to childhood PTSD but as an adult, was anxiety, stress, depression and a leaky gut. Little did I know that being sexually abused as a child, would like to guilt and shame that I carried through my weight and my gut. I had no clue, that my life force energy was being drained for way to long and I was dying inside in so many ways for so many years & didn’t get diagnosed with celiac disease until I was in my late twenties. OMG that sucked to be suffering with bloating, inflammation and so many other things…we just will not mention.

It was not until I dived way deep into holistic nutrition, became very aware of wellness coaching, meditation, mindfulness eating and detoxification, did I take a serious interest in offering the same benefits to my clients. I went back to 2000 year old healing traditions like Ayurveda healing, an alkaline diet and became aware of how the digestion system really worked. Now I am not suffering from fatigue, weight gain or other serious issues like I had in the past.

So, as a Intuitive Mindfulness Expert, I developed a detoxification program, that simply provides education, transparency and healing to each area of your life. I lost over 15 pounds of unhealthy weight, started to increase my energy, create a mindful eating plan and my gifts/talents/skills were sharp & focused.

So, not only with a coaching or counseling session with me do you get the love & attention you deserve, but I go through a detailed lifestyle questionnaire so you can see the areas you might be lacking in, give you full detailed intuitive medical reading and suggestions on what next steps to take & how to apply the changes overtime for effectiveness.

BodyFlo Solutions provides a medical spa, relaxing environment for my clients, to clean out your gut with Colon Hydrotherapy, we asses your energy levels & see about recommending an individual plan that meets your needs. I work with naturopathic doctors to help build your core from the inside out. I believe that this is an integral part for mindfully healing. The one stop shop to harmonizing you physically, mentally and spiritually.

If you would like more information about the Integrative Mindfulness Healing Detox Program, Click Here.


P.S. We will be meditating too, don’t you worry.



Latoya Beverly

Integrative Mindfulness Healing Expert


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