Judgement Day is Already Here


We wake up daily to judge ourselves, we search for love and hope for acceptance rather than acceptance of self. We live in a materialized society, untouched by the community; we look down, instead of up, rather than smiling to say “hello” to a stranger, we automatically get defensive with our judging eyes.

This struggle to be consistently happy with the day-to-day struggles or accomplishments, afraid that it may not last and be taken away. That is real and happening all around.  All to judge ourselves by mirroring back what is around us. Stuck in our own head, rather than paying attention to what the mind, body and soul are trying to warn us or tell us – that it’s okay to be vulnerable or to feel your own acceptance. We focus so much on the Body, have war with our Ego and forget our soul’s purpose for the gift we each have to offer the world.

Doesn’t this sound like a trap to you?

Corporate America, the good ol’ boys club and the rest of society move in cliques; but time and time again throughout history, those who stood alone were the ones to affect the world. So, we scream for acceptance, unity and wanting to be a part of ALL…but yet not getting it. Just to end up feeling like we are not worthy, loveable or intelligent. So, we turn to drugs, alcohol, running up credit cards, spending cash we don’t have, faking the funk, debt in life, prostitution or hurting others.

We send out performance evaluations, in hopes that the service we provided to a stranger was satisfactory, but yet the chances of a card or survey being completed are zero to none. Those extra steps to your day, when you just smiled at the person and said thank you & actually got a smile back, isn’t that enough!


Who needs constant false validation? We do! The life of the next generation. SMH

Praising someone’s efforts for achievement is now a public embarrassment. But showing off your HOT BODY is what you want to be praised for?…Hmmmmm, what does that say about society? In order to be happy, you need over 500,000 followers and comments from strangers for a temporary high and acceptance; but yet, you don’t really love yourself?

Your self-esteem is shot because you haven’t been feeding your spirit, or mind, with truth; and the way you think of yourself is so low, that you falsely identify with what is true. While the other low self-esteemed person, looking into your bubble, is called a hater.

So, who are you really exactly? Do you know?

We originally came to America for opportunity; to build a safe place to grow with our families and build a community where we could extend a hand to our neighbor. But now, we don’t trust our neighbor; our greed has taken over, and we don’t strive for due diligence, it must have a price tag to show your worth.

People have no idea anymore what real love even looks like and sadly mistake a hand getting slapped across your face or shit talking as love.

We disregard our friends, family and colleagues if we don’t get LIKEs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Again, trying to find acceptance in a virtual world because we do not have it in the physical.


There is now a social media psychology with becoming a generation of narcissism. Needing a validation 24/7, rather than looking within or literally going to take a hike, let alone a damn vacation. We use social media as a platform to brag about our blessings or the greed, or the giving or taking, the issues, the constant look at what I got, a new shiny toy (car, new man/woman, hair extensions, body parts or their lack of), sharing the moods and ups and downs. But yet, none of these social media apps provide you with a job well done, or positive reinforcement, validation or a counseling session to help those who have killed themselves over the constant bullying and negative feedback.

So, here I am, a soulpreneur, a visionary & spiritual life coach, tied into everything we do, to provide the reality check and positive reinforcement or feedback in our day that everything is going to be OKAY.  People still come at me with negative judgement, because they are so programmed.

I am here to help save a lost generation from did s/he click? And help us to start identifying with what truly matters. To help depressed people not commit suicide, increase happiness and mindfulness, stop bullying and create sincerity, compassion and giving back to others on a daily 24/7 basis. Rather than picking fights, judging someone for the good or the bad, not good enough or jealousy, envying or shoulda, coulda, woulda; we can allow people to take advantage of the freedom of speech, expression, privacy or the ability to make themselves better. OMG, ENOUGH!!!

So, if there was something to proactively help us all with identifying issues and focus inward instead of outward, why can’t we come up with a readily available mechanism or technology that helps us be a healthier happier us? Well because we have to start taking accountability for SELF.

We are so stuck on someone else’s fake moves of perfection & pretty pictures, when the truth is, I know that person is probably hurting inside. We forget to love ourselves, count our own blessings and focus on our own passions or goals or living our own life and taking care of our own imperfections. We literally see through a tiny computer, laptop, iPad, phone, or whatever…it may even be a reality TV drama that provides us with a ridiculous satisfaction, watching someone else’s crap rather than deal with our own.

There is a lot that people will not talk about, but I am here to do just that. I am here to say it LOUD, because we are what we think, eat and drink, this is about practicing mindfulness. Therefore, we are what we connect with around the clock. The social media addiction of someone else’s world rather than our own present world.

Ask yourself this: How can you be more mindful today?

For more information, about how you can increase your mindfulness and heal from bullying or social media stress. Contact me below.

Latoya Beverly, Spiritual Visionary & Spiritual Teacher at www.latoyabeverly.com | www.facebook.com/mysoulstars

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email {latoyabeverly@gmail.com} or schedule your Complimentary Intuitive Session


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