If I never get a chance to tell you!


 We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop- Saint Mother Teresa


I  lay in bed basking in the light of your love, I lay and marinate on your voice and the words you speak to my heart. No care, no worries, just something we shared between us. No one needed to understand or see a love so deep but they did, they were lost in our love, while we were found in it. There is a peace in my soul, knowing the love that we carry is rich ecstasy. The very nectar of our love drips with every beat of our heart, just like the rain nourishes the earths core, this is how sweet our love is.

You are my equal.1247259_large_

Knowing what we are made of, to infinity and beyond. We are the stars, we are the moon, we are the wind that helps us fly above the clouds. The laughter that we share, is just a piece of my soul that triggers life itself. I am taken away by the bliss in that moment of joy, knowing that we are the sacred place from the world and nothing can touch us. Our smiles just magnify and give me chills every time we touch. Thank you for loving me with everything that you have, thank you for sharing the God within you. Thank you for being this and some.


You are my mercy, my passion, my forgiveness and you touch every dimension. It is the ecstasy that will be, I love to love you every inch of you. If I never get a chance to tell you, know that I radiate love because of you every day, even if I never meet you in the physical, I represent our deep love, everyday and I just leave our love all over.

Thank you God/Source/Creator/Universe.



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