I was in a FUNK


I was in A FUNK on my own birth day!

12/17 marked another glorious day for me, it was my birthday and I was in a bit of a funk. Most people are typically happy and ready to take on the world. But I didn’t feel like much yesterday. I was down & out for some reason, I have always had expectations of what celebrating my life each year should look like. I guess this year, I didn’t imagine having to start my life over again and rebrand myself completely, but that is EXACTLY what happens. LIFE happened, it had got the best of me, and I took a few months off from healing everyone else & needed to work on me. I was spending so much time trying to be superwoman, A Type personality, naturally, that I wasn’t taking the time to find my voice, my truth and utilize my time wisely.

So, just like a ball of yarn, I spun out of control like a true Empath and I was all out of sorts. Sometimes, life can get so dark, that you don’t even realize whose life you are living and I realized that I needed a lot of help getting back up this time. I was also spiritually advancing at such a high level and within a short amount of time this year, that it literally was no joke. God truly said, “Let there be light,” and he was not kidding. This butterfly maiden was in transformation overtime.

The last 6 months has allowed me to shed the old skin of my life and start completely fresh. But honestly, it was like being bare-naked & dumped off at shore. LOL

It’s completely like WOW, OMG and HOLY SH&% exciting and new, however it can be very scary. And at the end of the day without judging yourself, we are allowed to feel the way we feel without feeling guilty or sad about it. It is HEALTHY to speak your authentic truth and ask for help.

It is OKAY to be HUMAN. And that is exactly what yesterday was for me, it was a lot of human energy coming up for me and EGO making me realize all that I didn’t have or all that I had not accomplished yet in my life. Which is a DAMN lie because this girl has accomplished SO MUCH!

But like a true warrior and not worrier, I realized all of the blessings that have quickly unfolded on top of all the muck. Just like a true lotus flower (hence the lotus in my logo), I resurrected out of the mud, I took my time to open myself to the world, I reclaimed my power and I knew that I can become who I am meant to be. The lotus is all about rebirth, peace, divinity and spiritual development.

But the biggest blessing of it all was seeing the love flood through yesterday from all of my soul sisters & brothers from around the world. Just when I thought I lost friends from years ago, going through all this spiritual growth, I actually gained my soul tribe & family. It has been a roller coaster for so many, but I am a firm believer that 2016 is going to kick major ass & be the fire we all need to go after our calling.

A few months ago you guys, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be alive or not. And this week, I told a client of mine, at my new office, that if it wasn’t for my sister answering my cry for help during my psychic attack , I wouldn’t be here to help him or anyone else to the light. It was the most profound moment & AH HA.

It help me to realize that life is worth living, when we can truly take care of ourselves, speak our truth, ask for help & continue doing what we are called to do. When your heart and mind are in the right place and you are following your divine calling to help heal this world, but even super heroes have a team.

I might have been in a funk, or having an awkward moment, but it doesn’t measure up to all of the love that I received yesterday. It was a reflection for what God is doing in my life and where he is leading me.

I have opened up my new office in a great wellness center; I have been blessed to become closer to my family, practice forgiveness and peace. I have deepened my principles of love and I am sticking to my guns. Everything that has worked out for me, was already written in the wall and I know that with my purpose, I truly have a reason to live another day.

I love you and thank you for allowing me to share this special message with you. Thank you for being who you are & know that you are not alone.



Lotus N and Lotus Out (breathe)





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