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The question of the day is, are you happy? Like not just happy, but deep down to your core..blissful fking happy? Let’s be honest and let’s get real. If you are not happy, let’s get you there. Here are a few mindful tips to get you to a happy place. Caution: this will only work, if you do :-).

We have just got the Mercury Retrograde, the lovely universal changes and howling at the full moon. You probably felt funky in some way and were questioning your existence here on earth. No worries, it is very normal. However, one thing that I have seen come up over and over again is the question of, ARE YOU HAPPY?

And I am guessing with all the lovely changes that you may not be exactly where you want to be yet. This could be due to job, relationships, career change, illness, depression or some other god forsaken reason.

Well I am here to save some of your day and give you 3 important intuitive mindful tips to apply to your happiness:

  • Share your time, energy, and life with those who truly matter, starting with self. Do not spread yourself so thin, you have to get selfish and stop pouring your energy out all over the place. Do not feel guilty for taking back your love & power. (Deep breath in and deep breath out)
  • When was the last time you took a walk? Yes, a nice brisk and peaceful walk outside & spent some time in nature. Its sounds silly because most people are locked up like wolves half the time in buildings, but I think you deserve a damn break. So take one!
  • Yeah, so when is the last time you signed up for community service? If you ant given to the little kiddies, animals or to some amazing cause, then what the heck is your purpose. It is all about being heart-centered; I do so much charity work all year long. It aligns with my value system and to my life purpose. It is the most rewarding opportunity to follow my heart and intuition when giving back to the right causes.

Take some time to let this soak in and digest these 3 intuitive mindful tips.

I love you and if you need assistance with getting happy, feel free to contact me personally about setting up your personalized daily mindfulness practice.

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