For Immediate Release



For Immediate Release

Latoya Beverly, certified spiritual counselor & spiritual master coach, has emerged OUT OF THE VALLEY, offering Integrative Mindfulness Healing for your spiritual and economic empowerment.

This inspiring and integrative spiritual business by the top “true natural wonder” is intended for those who are ready to embrace spiritual growth, successfully grow from their traumatic experiences, deeply connect with self and heal others. Latoya Beverly, the millennials “new thought leader” is offering healing, wisdom and guidance to help people at the core of their life, who want to reach both philanthropic & business goals. With a spiritual master coach like Latoya, one can be sure to come up with a step by step blueprint to transform all of their desires into their true divine path.

Latoya’s Integrative Mindfulness Healing approach goes beyond just meditation and counseling. She works with an extensive team of holistic practitioners and other heart centered healers & entrepreneurs who can address your needs as a WHOLE. She offers soul hitting one to one intensive healing sessions & serves missions across the world as well as locally. She believes in building long term, lifetime relationships with everyone she comes across.

Her clients say “I have been fortunate to work with Latoya, and have received advice, support and intuitive guidance from her. Latoya is truly an Earth Angel. She works from her authentic self, with guidance from her team of guides and Angels. Latoya has an inner strength and compassion, which shines around her, so brightly, that you feel caught up in its brilliance. When we talk and she is coaching and supporting me, I feel a true heart link connection, I feel her joy and compassion for me, and grateful for her wisdom. Thank you Latoya for being in my life” Rhona Beaumont, Energy Healing by Rhona

Now, one can surely ask how a spiritual coach can help one augment their life, relationships or business. The answer to this is simple. Latoya Beverly uses her spiritual leadership gifts to help other people empower themselves and lead a life which they love and enjoy to the fullest. She helps people convert their skills and knowledge into an attractive and authentic way to connect with other heart-centered people. Her team helps people come up with an impressive brand message which then makes them stand out from the competition. She helps people come up with a superb blueprint on facilitating the growth of their life and business. Her team works alongside entrepreneurs to help them create a superb website for their personal representation and shoot stylish professional images for their site. She helps entrepreneurs (healers, entrepreneurs, coaches-new and existing, corporations-nonprofits) build a strong client base through building lifetime relationships and engage with their audience, so that they always have a steady stream of healthy change, consumers waiting for their product and service.

Let us take a look at how this global spiritual expert helps people expand their heart and their purpose. A few examples include: Latoya helps clarify and identify deep consistent gaps or patterns in their life that they are unaware of, reviews their spiritual integrity and connects them with their divine power.

Latoya offers a variety of services and products, everything from hourly services, coaching intensives, soul joy retreats, mastermind workshops, group sessions and even an academy coming in 2016, where clients can work with other members of her team.

Apart from taking on the world to heal one person at a time, clients also have an opportunity to connect with their soul tribe to help them grow & continue their spiritual path and economic wellbeing.


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Contact information:

“Live the life you love, love the life you live”

Latoya Beverly, MS, D.D., CSC

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Integrative Mindfulness Healing, LLC

1480 E. Bethany Home Rd Suite 230

Phoenix, AZ 85014 (16th Street and Bethany Home Rd)

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