Do you desire a love so deep that you find yourself floating and always on cloud 9? Do you find yourself constantly attracting narcissistic relationships or friends and are downright sick of it?

It can be very difficult to hold compassion and understanding for those who choose to be stuck in victim mode. There is a need for serious therapy and desensitizing from what is only an Illusion.

There is power in love and if there is power in love, then why downgrade God’s love for us and the love we should have for our self. It is within our birth right to claim our power and walk in what God has allowed for us. This is not Venus vs. Mars; this is about standing in your authentic truth.

We are progressing into a new golden age and shall align with such greatness which is ours. I do not believe in giving any more energy or attention to those who are so far gone in darkness that they choose not to come to the light.

There is a choice in the path that we choose to take.

We need to be mindful of those who can nourish, support and love us back to match the love we give. It doesn’t mean that we have to leave those behind with nothing. But what we leave is us being an example of standing strong and that we no longer have to cry, we no longer have to crawl. We can now stand.

Boldly professing the destiny we want to set with new intentions to manifest.

We must do things sometimes that others do not do. But please call bull, when you hear or see someone who chooses to only have their blinders on, and know they can take the blinders off at any time. But it is with compassion of course, that we can help ourselves and others to move past the veil.

This is as real as it gets when it comes to realizing our worth and our integrity. For greatness is to be trusted.  May we walk aligned to our truth path and remove our self from victimhood. There is a soul bliss within, that deserves our truth, deserves our all and cries for us to pay attention.

Happiness can bring light to the shining love that is within us already, but sometimes we are confused and distracted by outside people, dramas and things that end up taking us off our divine path.

There is a love so deep, a love that never dies and is unconditional to our birth right. It sings to us, it is in sync and harmony fulfilling. It sounds like a fairytale, but I promise, when you are able to connect with your angels and your guides, there is a connection & bond that cannot be broken.

It is the guiding light and force that we deserve to bring to the surface. This is about falling madly in love with your soul, your purpose and finding the million dollar value. This is about your feminine power, which has always been with you, but you need to reconnect to the peace that is you.

Let’s intuitively connect to your heart, mind and body. Take your victim into victory; turn your love into light, radiance and empowerment. This is not about spiritual entertainment, this is about longevity.

If your soul is thirsty and hungry for the love that is true, then answer yourself this…

  • Are you ready to develop a positive, open approach to SELF LOVE and healing?
  • Are you ready to learn how to improve mental clarity, ENERGY levels, and physical wellbeing?
  • Are your ready to learn how to move from helplessness to personal POWER?
  • Are you ready to learn how to take back your power and handle stressful situations and DEEPEN soulful relationships?

Are you ready to step into your DIVINE LOVING PATH NOW AND CREATE INNER PEACE + FULLFILLMENT + HAPPINESS? Set up your Complimentary 30 minute discovery session with Latoya Beverly.



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