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A year ago I had a strong desire to connect to the vision that I had within, to connect with my gifts that had been buried inside of me and I wanted to train with the best of the best. I took a leap of faith and followed my heart to Maui, Hawaii in September 2014. I knew that my life purpose would begin the day that I accepted myself, no matter the cost.

So, as I moved forward with making plans to visit Hawaii after just being there with my sister in Kauai that May. I knew that there was something strong, calling me to be come back and what a perfect opportunity to connect with Doreen Virtue, right before she was to announce she would retire.

I had a strong intuition that my connection was not just to go to some training or class & then that was it. My intuition was right in spiritual alignment of Doreen and all the way to the exact cards she would start to pull on weekly oracle card videos.

All I knew was that I had a gift of healing hands, writing books and starting my spiritual practice. I spent a few months in Real Estate school prior too but my heart was set on fulfilling and feeding my spiritual growth.

So, I used my 30K miles that I had with U.S. Airways, booked my flight and booked the 5 Star Hotel at the Westin, to be front and center for what would change my life.

It is no surprise to me looking back now, that I was actually the first to be standing in line before catching my flight back to the mainland, that I would get Doreen to sign my Archangel Raphael healing book and Romance Angel Cards. The stare that she gave me when she connected to my heart and soul, stayed with me for days. I would continue to receive messages & all she said to me was “He is coming.” I about almost fell out of my body for someone who has traveled far & wide, to tell me that the love of my life was on his way to me.

Prior to arriving in Maui, I had dealt with a broken heart from an old flame and what better way to go there with new intentions to start a new life and heal with the angels.

Around my 29th to 30th birthday I started to receive angel numbers in the middle of the night. Every night for months on the dot, the angels where like clockwork, waking me up to let me know that it is time for the feminine to rise within. My journey was going to start and it was starting now.

If you have ever had the experience of a loving presence that could not be explained? Heard a voice that warned you of danger? Heard your name called out as you are falling asleep or just prior to waking up? Or have seen a light or lights or something passing by you out of your peripheral vision? Or even been attracted to Angels and Angel items all of your life? When you were a child or perhaps even see Angels, fairies, and special friends? Or people even refer to you as an ‘angel’? Answering yes to any of the above questions may very well mean you have been in touch with the angelic realm.

After connecting with over 500 people from around the world in Maui, Hawaii, I became a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® personally trained by Dr. Doreen Virtue, noted author for her many published angel books, angel cards, and the innovation of the healing breakthrough, Angel Therapy. Angel Therapy® is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with your guardian Angels, Archangels, and Spirit Guides to heal and bring into harmony and balance your life. This is how the Spiritual Counselor came about. I knew that not only having degrees in healthcare and business management, would leave me to one day own my own business. But my divine calling would lead me to be a Spiritpreneur, helping others to find their light within, be empowered and shine their gifts.

I knew that the angels were serving as our guides that would help us to further understand the source of our relationship challenges, past and present, and help us to understand and heal the underlying causes. They assist in bringing more prosperity and abundance into our life with specific tools. This was what I was meant to teach and help heal.

I absolutely am passionate about channeling healing energy by directing energy to cleanse and release negative or stuck energy in our bodies or energy centers and then energize these life force centers with positive healing energy. I know that the angels, ascended masters, spirit guides or ancestors help revitalize our energy level and teach us to care for our own health & how to become your own healer. I know that they are willing and ready to send energy healing to your family and loved ones as well. It is no coincidence that those who were always attracted to me as a child were lead to me because of the divine wisdom that I was blessed with as an old soul. And the Angels seem to help us shine our light as healers and Lightworkers even if we do not consciously acknowledge these gifts within ourselves – yet.


Benefits included in a session with me, we will work on healing away your old blocks and fears, so that you can enjoy all of the support and success of focusing upon your divine life purpose.

Topics include:

  • how to overcome fears and insecurities in your life or business
  • clearing away old toxic energies
  • shielding with the angels
  • discovering your spiritual gifts
  • honoring your sensitivity
  • how to increase your clairvoyance
  • combining card readings with angel readings
  • mediumship
  • indigo, crystal, and rainbow children
  • and much, much more

All teachings, workshops or sessions are conducted with respect for every religious and spiritual path, as well as respect for each person’s own belief system. You can easily incorporate Angel Therapy into other healing modalities.


If you are interested in setting up a free 15 min consultation with me for a special counseling session, contact me today!

Available in person, 1:1 Video Session or by Phone.


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