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I celebrate my 1 year anniversary of following my heart and God’s calling upon my life to help lead and guide people in darkness back to life. To be a healer, follow my intuition and be someone’s earth angel in their time of need. While on this journey I discovered many truths, false beliefs and just how powerful God & his angels were on delivering me in my times of darkness.

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, narcissistic relationships and lower level energy, I made a very clear choice to follow my heart’s desires regardless of my family, friends or surroundings. I knew that I had to step into this leadership role and I’ve been very blessed since claiming my power. I’ve had premonitions, dreams, insights to truth, I have been allowed by God to walk a clearer path.

No matter how I paint this picture, I am an Angel Intuitive. I’ve had the blessing, in 2014, to have trained with Doreen Virtue and her team of lightworkers. I’ve had the opportunity to meet powerful leaders like Mastin Kipp of the The Daily Love who have also help me step into courage..

So, as a Spiritual Master Coach and Spiritual Counselor, what does that really mean…?

Well, read below my gifts…

Your angels are always ready to assist you whenever you need a hand, perhaps in finding your soulmate, knowing what to do about your career and finances, or assisting you with other important life issues.

Angel Intuitives (AIs) are powerful psychics and healers who work primarily with the angelic realm with the intention of helping themselves and others on their spiritual path or for guidance in any area of their life. Each AI has undertaken this internationally recognized Angel Intuitive course. If an AI is certified by Doreen Virtue, she is then qualified to give accurate, healing and professional angel readings.

Many AIs have experienced miracles that have transformed their lives and helped them pursue their passions and life purpose. Many AIs work internationally as clairvoyants, psychics, angel readers and workshop facilitators.

Becoming an Angel Intuitive (AI) is a wonderful, safe and healing journey for anyone wishing to explore a powerful path of spiritual enlightenment.

As a Spiritual Master Coach, I help you to unlock your abilities to see, hear, and speak with the angels. I help you learn how to connect with your angels and awaken your intuitive gifts.

When you work with me in my programs, meetups or workshops you get a chance to tap into my gifts as well as your own:

  • mediumship
  • guided meditations
  • spiritual healings
  • how to give professional angel card readings for yourself and others to heal past life traumas and discover your psychic and intuitive strengths

I believe God has gifted each of us with purpose, and I am clear in my purpose to teach peace, unconditional love and many other things on the spiritual path.

If you are interested in more information, feel free to book your 30 minute complimentary intuitive session with me, to find out how I can assist you on your journey of enlightenment.











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