And I want to help you get there. I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. I have:

✨ Received a Master’s Degree in Project Management

✨ BA in Business Management

✨ Taken my coaching business from local to international

✨ Travelled the world to places like, Italy, Hawaii, San Francisco, Miami

✨ Created a multiple six-figure income doing what I love

✨ Spoken on stage, inspiring hundreds of women

✨ Collaborated with other successful six-figure entrepreneurs

“I confirmed your diligent work ethic you possess in achieving the realization of your significant vision. I have always believed every member of creation will leave their footprint in the sand, but there are those who leave an indelible heelmark that makes an individual better and a catalyst for graciousness. Undoubtedly, you are that person for everyone you help.” – Misty Sims

 I know, you..

✨Are already successful, and an over-achiever

✨Have the money, job and relationship, but you are still unhappy, unfulfilled & lack purpose

✨Are tired of faking life away like you do your orgasms and you want real, long-term ecstasy out of life

✨Are going through spiritual entertainment, signing up for conferences and workshops, just to be back at square one

✨Want to attract the right partner, career or life but maybe suffer from your past due to trauma

✨ And you are definitely ready to live your purpose and unleash your full potential!


I am Latoya Beverly and I’m here to help you with ALL THAT.

Whether you want to work with me privately one to one, in a group coaching setting or come to my live events or popular workshops, I am here for you. It’s my life’s mission to help you to be happy and healthy by teaching you the key elements of manifesting and changing your mindset.


Why would you work with Latoya?


Today, I’m blessed to say I have been trained by world-renowned thought leaders & I’m a highly sought-after manifesting and mindset expert who specializes in owning your sh!t.


Igniting your mindset can be the most soul fulfilling, sacred and enriching part of your life. You can have all the pleasure, the mind-blowing self-love, desires and all the abundance you want.


All you need is a little help from a friend! (That’s me, just in case that wasn’t obvious: )

So start now and discover how to Manifest That Sh!T, Say FCK No to Fear, find out which mindset practice fits you, and which love language speaks to you (and your business) simply by signing up below. I’ll send you my most popular 6 Ways to Bliss video training series including meditations, affirmations and some of my best-kept secrets – for free.


You can get your life back, get unstuck, f*ck the negative emotions and get your high off of life.


I am going to mentor and bring you to a higher level of not only success, but mindset and momentum. This is not about getting hyped up for one minute and deflated the next. I am here to help you create long-term healing & success in your life. This journey of frustration, depression and going back into corporate america is over!


As a manifest mindeset coach, I will help you experience positive habits that will set you a part from the next person, ignite a fire in you, create perseverence, give you unshakeable power and help you manifest the most magical experiences in your life. This is what I call “true bliss.”


This is your opportunity to work with latoya, one of the fastest growing thought leaders in personal development.

Let’s make a decleration to.
✨ Produce freedom
✨ Embody your desires
✨ Own your personal power
✨ Lift your vibrations

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