Strength comes in many different shapes, sizes and form but one thing I have come to live by is knowing that “You are love. You are light. You are luminous.”

We all have a story, where maybe once upon a time, we couldn’t even see the light, or feel the love.

There are times in our life when we feel feel empty, dull, alone. But all we can depend on is the outside experiences, places or objects to get us high. The false illusions, the panic attacks and the anxiety that feeds our flesh, until we are truly are at the endless road.

I felt this way for a long time until I rediscovered the power of how to create my own change, tap into mindfulness, embodied my intuitive empathic gifts and uncovered my authentic spiritual truth.

Hi, I am Latoya Beverly, and I believe that until you come face to face with your dark side, you crave & hunger for truth, quite your mind  and raise your overall vibration, you cannot be free. I have found, until you are willing to go through the healing on the inside or what I like to call Lotus Divine Healing™. We all thirst for a real mindbody spiritual connection where we can be more heart-centered and with a tribe to help us reconnect at a soul level.

I am like most people who failed to realize that we have the power to change,  hungry for something more, typical A type personality, over achiever, running out of energy, and all out of joy, doing everything for everyone else & working just to get by.

By my early 20s, I already had a successful corporate career. I was highly qualified, well respected and earning a six-figure salary. I smiled on the outside, but I was faking it. On the inside, I was fading away, depressed, suffering from PTSD & my life was quickly spiraling out of control. I wasn’t enjoying this life; I was enduring it.

I was jumping from job to job, relationship to relationship, stacking up debt and attracting the walking dead people into my life. I was leaking energy all over the place, all while being diagnosed with Celiac, and having other digestive issues AKA leaky gut syndrome and I was quickly just fading away. Talk about extra sensitive to my environment!!!

I knew It was time to look beyond my material possessions and corporate status and delve deep into my soul.

When I was a child, my parents divorced. As the eldest sibling I took on additional responsibilities, more than most children my age, and grew up fast. For many years, I hadn’t realized how this had affected me. Now I could see that this had set up a recurring pattern of putting others before my self-care, giving myself away until there was nothing else to give.

And my childhood had another twist. I survived not one, but two periods of child sexual abuse. Although at the time I used my power to speak up for myself and alert the adults in my life, after that I had little control of the consequences. Decisions were made for me, actions taken on my behalf. And although I seemed to recover well, getting good qualifications and securing well-paid jobs, my soul wasn’t ready to move on.

Only once I was ready to strip back the layers of emotional band-aids and look at these wounds in their fresh raw state, could I begin the inner work needed to heal myself. Sounds painful? It was. But it was worth it. It was necessary. If I had left those wounds untended, they would have infected every area of my life.

That’s how we create energy blocks. That’s how we stop the flow of love and wealth and energy into our lives. By patching up old wounds, and marching on as if nothing has happened.

“If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you.” ~ Dr. Wayne

What we need to do is honor the experience we have been through, then use forgiveness to release the pain. Only forgiveness and emotional healing can release us from our past. That is when I realized that we are the most delicate yet powerful beings, just like the Lotus flower moving through the mud of the murky waters. We have the power to survive harsh environments and through darkness & still make it to the light.

It is then we can begin to live life as whole beings, manifesting our deepest love, freedom and power.


latoya-beverly-square300x300I Latoya Beverly, became a Creator of Change, Certified Spiritual Counselor, and expert teacher on healing from the inside out, using mechanisms like The Mindful Minute ™. I became the executive of mindfulness, holistic healing and spiritual living. I specialize in helping others heal their mind, body and soul from emotional trauma and stress management.My priority is serving humanity.  Essentially, I am your personal Spiritual PM (project manager) aka Creator of Change.

I’ve built my authentic practice upon a solid foundation of knowledge, experience and a wealth of qualifications, including:

  • Masters in Project Management from Colorado T. University
  • Bachelor’s in Business Management from Ottawa University
  • Respiratory Therapy Practitioner Associates degree from Kaplan College
  • Flower (Essence) Therapy Healer Certified by Robert Reeves, ND
  • Angel Intuitive (AI) completed the Spiritual Counseling Program facilitated by Doreen Virtue. (Angel Intuitive Graduates)
  • Reiki Master Teacher licensed under International Association of Reiki Practitioners & taught by ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teachers
  • Ordained Minister & Doctor of Divinity in Holistic Life Coaching from Universal Life Church Monastery

She is committed to working with nonprofit organizations, including:

  • Girls Rule Foundation- Summit Director for the Shine Brightly Annual Conference
  • One Community Arizona- (LGBT Organization) Multicultural Milleniel Advisory Board
  • The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI) – An organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.
  • National Charity League of Scottsdale – Latoya completed a speaking engagement in 2015 on “Integrity”.
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation -Latoya fulfills two roles with the Foundation. She is a Member At Large on the Emerging Leaders Board, and is an Executive Member of the Beach Ball Commitee.
  • Alumnae of the Girl Scouts of Northern California
  • 2nd Award Winner & Community Guest Speaker of Rotary Club Sacramento
  • Recipient of the Kaiser Permanente Project Completion Award 2009

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Thanks for sticking around. Here’s some lesser known Latoya info.

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