Discover the secret of my transformation from burnt-out, joyless corporate climber, empty overachiever to whole-hearted soulful entrepreneur.
My mission is to use my spiritual leadership to inspire and ignite others to create the life they love & love the life they live through higher consciousness.
I’m Latoya Beverly, and I work with coaches, consultants and heart-centered entrepreneurs to help reconnect with their soul and inject mindfulness into every aspect of their life.
I know that to serve others would be my highest calling.
“The lotus was the symbol of life and of life ever renewed, bearing forth the sun at the dawn of creation.” Unknown
I help others embark on a journey of soul-discovery, self-healing and holistic education. Too nourish the body, nurture the soul and create a practice that is fueled by passion for wholehearted living.
If you have experienced feeling trapped in the old & are looking to move into the new but truly don’t know HOW then you are in the right place.

Latoya Testimonial from Latoya Beverly on Vimeo.

Latoya is a whirlwind of sensations! Each as delightful as the next - she is a joy to work with. Reading her words, whether in casual emails, or within her sparkling articles always radiates with her unique energies of truth, power, sensuality, and love. These unique energies burble and spark off the words she chooses like sunlight on a happy-go-lucky stream. A stream which leads you, coaxes you, urges you back home to your Soul’s Truth. And just like a stream, she is a true natural wonder.

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